The Tosa (also known as the Tosa Ken) is a large breed of dog which comes from Japan. It is quite a rare breed. It gets its name from the region in Japan which was once known as Tosa (it is now known as Kochi). It was bred to be a fighting dog. The breed comes from the latter part of the 19th century. It came from breed named the Shikoku-Inu. It was then crossed with the Mastiff, the Old English Bulldog, the German Pointer , the Great Dane, the St. Bernard and the Bull Terrier. This mixture gave forth a strong dog.


This dog tends to be between 36 kg to 54 kg. It tends to stand from 62 cm to 82 cm to the withers. It comes in three main colours brindle, red and fawn. It has a short coat which is smooth.


It should be noted that certain countries restrict the import of these dogs as they are classed under dangerous dogs. The main reason for this seems to be that they were specifically bred for fighting, as opposed to any statistical evidence that they are more dangerous than other breeds.

Grooming and care

Given the short nature of the coat of this breed it tends to be quite easy to maintain.