The Stabyhoun ( also known as the Stabij) is a medium sized dog that originated in the Netherlands. It is quite a rare breed of dog. More specifically it comes from Friesland in the Netherlands. The name is probably translated from Dutch, the first part meaning to be stand by me and the second part means dog. These dogs were bred to be all round helpers of humans. They were used to hunt and to guard as well as to catch small vermin. So this dog acts as both a pointer, retriever and gundog. It is happy to go into water. It generally can bring back game in good condition. Generally when this dog brings back other vermin they are killed with a neck break.


The dogs range from 50 to 53 cm to the withers and are generally between 20 to 25 kilos in weights. This dog is robust and has a long coat. It generally has the colour of either organs, black or brown. Bicolours are generally thought to be to the breed standard but tricolours are not. The head is generally more long than wide. The fur on the head is normally short. They skull is slightly domed. The dog has tight lips which cover the teeth and it has a scissor bite. There is normally no dewlap on this breed.


These dogs are gently and smart. They have a well mannered temperament. They are also patient and happy to please. They can also be quite stubborn. The Stabyhoun is generally happy to be in the company of children and pets. It does need significant amounts of exercise otherwise it may start to act up. This god loves to play fetch games.

Grooming and care

The Stabyhoun is a laid back dog, it does not need too much pampering, its coat does need to be kept tangle free. This breed tends to shed bi annually, with consistent brushing the annoyance of the moult can be minimized. Bathing in particular with soap is not very conducive to a good looking coat. .


The average life expectancy of the dog is between 13 and 14 years. It is generally a very healthy dog