Spanish Water Dog

Spanish Water Dog Spanish Water Dog Spanish Water Dog

The Spanish Water Dog (also known as the Perro de Agua Español) is a type of dog which was originally bred in Spain. It was bred to be multi talented, to be mainly used as a herding dog but also with gundog capabilities, its final role was to help local fisherman. It is popularly speculated that the breed was brought by the Turks for use as sheepdogs. It has also been documented that a wooly Shepherd dog was seen in Spain in the 1100s.


The Spanish Water Dog is an average sized breed, it is well built. The head is strong and is said to be carried with elegance. The eyes of this breed are exceptionally expressive and set unusually far apart. The coat of this breed is one of its most distinguishing features, it is exceptionally curly and almost reminiscent of a sheep's wool. Generally the coat is clipped. The colour of the coat is generally either brown, black, beige, white or a mixture of two colours. This dog generally measure between 50 cm to 40 cm to the withers and weighs between 22 kg and 14 kg.


The Spanish Water Dog is a smart, loyal and cuddly job, it is also single minded in getting the job done. As expected for the job they were bred. They love to work and perform tasks. Generally these dogs are wary of strangers and so socialization from a young age is a must, also it should be noted that they have herding instinct and so nipping is possible if they are not trained properly, as to be expected herding of children can be a favoured hobby of theirs unless they are well socialized.

Grooming and care

The grooming on this dog is about as minimal as it can get as, the coat is normally not cut, but instead sheared once a year. The ears of this dog need a regular checking as they can quickly get dirty, the eyes also have a tendency to get dirty. Generally when bathing this dog it is best to do it in warm water with a pH neutral shampoo, then the should be allowed to dry without any hurry.


This breed as a average life expectancy of about 14 years. These dogs tend to suffer from hip dysplasia,Hypothyroidism, Addison's Disease, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd-PRA), Cataracts and allergies.