Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier Scottish Terrier Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier (also called the Aberdeen Terrier, Scottie) is a small breed of dog. The dogs was originally bred to deal with the problem that badgers cause, It was originally known as a Skye Terrier. As expected it originated in Scotland. This breed was named "the diehard" well before John McClane took the name, the Fourth Earl of Dumbarton is credited with giving it the nickname. The breed has been found to actually trace back to one specific female dog, which has been named Splint II. These popular dogs are well known in popular culture. Various celebrities have owned this breed including the 43rd President of the USA George W. Bush. It is also one of the pieces on the original monopoly board.


They have a very wire like outer coat and a lovely soft thick undercoat. They have short legs and a long head when compared to their overall size. The Terrier normally has large paws which help them to dig. Generally this dog is about 25 cm to 28 cm to the withers and weight from 8 to 10 kg. The colour of the coat goes from dark grey to black, brindle is also common.


This breed is very independent and hardy, as it would it need to be to thrive in the harsh Scottish winters. These dogs are territorial spirited dogs. This makes for an excellent watchdog. This breed is very playful. These lovable dogs can also be very stubborn, they are also very loyal to their pack, which if it is a family pet includes everyone in the immediate family. This breed can be quite aggressive towards other breeds unless it has been properly socialized. Given that this dog was originally bred to fight vermin it is not entirely surprising that this dog will tend to go after small animals such as squirrels, this means that care should be taken in the park as if the dog is poorly trained, the dog may chase a small animal for quite a distance.

Grooming and care

These are highly active small dogs, they need a long daily walk. Playing with them will also help a lot, otherwise behavioral problems could occur. It is vital that the coat be brushed regularly, with a bathing routine in place. Generally trimming of this breed is needed at least 2 times a year. This dog does not shed throughout the year.


These hardy dogs live to between 12 and 15 years. The Scottish Terrier tends to get bleeding problems, joint problems, allergies and cancer. There is a breed specific condition named the Scotty cramp, this is were the dog gets hyperflexion and spasms. The origination of this problem is where serotonin production does not work properly so the dog does not have enough serotonin levels. The symptoms tend to appear in younger dogs, and it generally occurs after the dog is exercised or gets highly agitated. Usually this only lasts for a few minutes. There are various things which can be done to combat this problem. The Scottish Terrier is prone to getting von Willebrands disease, and craniomandibular osteopathy. This dog also is more likely to get cancer than average, with the most risk being for transitional cell carcinomas, malignant melanoma, gastric carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma of the skin, lymphosarcoma and nasal carcinoma. These dogs may also suffer from Craniomandibular osteopathy which is more commonly known as "Scotty Jaw", "Lion Jaw" or "Westy Jaw". The main identification that a dog has this is that it may have problems chewing.