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A poodle is a breed of dog which comes in many varieties, including toy, miniature and standard. They come in many different colors including blue, black, white, apricot, silver, brown and red. Poodles are retrievers, or gun dogs, and are still used in that role. The unique way that the poodle is cut came from the need to keep the major joints of the poodle warm while they were in water, while the rest of the body was shaved to have less drag in the water.

The poodles coat is thick and does not shed significantly. This means that they require extensive care and grooming if kept to show standards. The origination of the name poodle comes from Pudel (German), which is shortening of Pudelhund, a translation of this would be splashing dog. Standard poodles have a median lifespan of ~12 years, while miniature and toy poodles had a median lifespan of ~14 years. However some toy poodles can live up to 17 years with a healthy lifestyle