Pointer dog Pointer breed English pointer

The Pointer dog (also known as the English Pointer) is a medium sized dog and was specifically bred for the task of being a hunting dog specifically a gun dog. It is not the only point breed out there but it is the most well known. A pointers job is to show the hunter where the birds arm, they are not meant to retrieve the birds also but can be trained to do this also. The history of the Pointer arguably stretches back to the 1650 in England. This breed is most probably a mixture of Bloodhound, Foxhound, Bull Terrier and Greyhound.


The Pointer is active and elegant. Their colours are normally one colour mixed with white. They come in liver, lemon and black. Usually the body of the Pointer is white with occasional splash of colour. The male of the breed is 60 to 70 cm to the withers while the female is 58 cm to 66 cm to the withers. The male is 25 to 34 kg while the female is 20 to 30 kg.


This breed is well tempered, friendly and loyal. It is a happy dog who can integrate well into family life inside. It tends to play well with other pets and children, although as with all breeds of dogs it is not advised to leave them unattended with young children.

Grooming and care

Grooming of the Pointer is generally a quick process due to their short coat. All that is needed is a rub with a soft brush. Regular exercise for this breed is essential but it can do well in a city environment as long as it has a big park to roam around in and a garden to burn off excess energy. When in the house the Pointer tends to site around and not be very active.


The average life expectancy of a pointer is 15 years old, this makes it quite a long lived breed which does not have that many health issues. The standard dog issues include hip dysplasia, epilepsy, cherry eye and this dog is prone to getting allergic reactions.