Golden Retriever

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Golden Retrievers are a large breed of dog, they were developed as gun dogs to get waterfowl and game which had been shot during hunting. So they were bred to have a soft mouth to not damage game and for the love of water. These dogs are very versatile and are employed in roles such as illegal drug detection, hunting and as guide dogs. These are lovable, intelligent dogs with lovely charm. They can be easily training and are patient and gentle with children. Golden retrievers are also very friendly with other dogs, as this dog has very little if any guarding instincts. Although they do not attack they do make good watchdogs as they will alert on the approach of a stranger. Retrievers are happiest when they are surrounded by people. They are not dedicated to only one owners and are generally friendly to strangers or those familiar.

The Golden Retriever came from Britain, originating from a mixture of the flat-coated retriever and the tweed water spaniels. Golden Retrievers are fairly active dogs, they require a moderate level of exercise per day, this breed is likely to get obese if fed to much or not having enough exercise. They need to be groomed at least once a week, and even daily when they are shedding (this season is normally in the spring as the dog loses its thick winter coat). Ear cleaning is also advisable to stave off ear infection.