German Longhaired Pointer

german longhaired pointer german longhaired pointer

The German Longhaired Pointer is a gundog breed of dog. Unsurprisingly it has long hair and was developed in Germany. This breed is quite rare. In Germany it was developed to be a Pointer ( a pointer is used to point its muzzle at the game, this shows the hunter the location of the prey allowing to move into gun range). This breed of dog was friend displayed in Frankfurt in 1878.


It is known to be a athletic dog which is very muscular as is expected with its gun dog duties. The coat is medium length and generally somewhat wavy. Size wise the German Longhaired Pointer is between 58 to 70 cm to the withers and weighs on average 30 kilos.


This breed can be characterized as a gentle friendly and smart breed. They can be exceptionally affection, the downside to this is that because they crave human companionship they can get anxious without it. Due to the excellent temperament of this breed they can be used in dog sports.

Grooming and care

These dogs require constant companionship, so they do not do well left on their own for long periods of time. The German Longhaired Pointer make an excellent pet, it gets along well with other dogs. These dogs are working dogs so they need to be kept busy otherwise bad consequences will follow. Ideally they should be groomed once or twice a week. They can fit into the urban life pretty well as long as they have space to swim and run. The ears do need regular checking for ear infection.


This breed tends to have fewer dog problems than average, ear infections are to be expected due to the nature of this breeds floppy ears.