French Bulldog

french bulldog french bulldog french bulldog

The French Bulldog (nicknames include clowns and frog dogs) is primarily a dog which was bred to be a human companion. As expected it is related to the American bulldog and the English Bulldog. Although the name suggests they were developed in France in actuality this is probably not the case. Due to the structural makeup of this dog they do not do well with swimming.


This dog is muscular in keeping with its Bulldog heritage. It has a smooth coat and a snub nose. One of its most distinctive features are its bat ears, which are uncommon in most breeds of dogs. In general these dogs weight between 10 kilos and 14 kilos. This breed comes in a variety of colours, the most common being brindle, white, red fawn and brown.


The French Bulldog is a gentle breed and has a very warm heart. As it is a companion dog it needs close human contact. This is an active dog but not a sporty one. Although these are generally gentle dogs they are nevertheless very strong dogs. So they may not be suitable for households with very small children as the French Bulldog can play rough. Also these dogs can be aggressive especially against other dogs of the same breed who are also male. The French Bulldog also has great variety in its personality with one between hyperactive and another being laid back.

Grooming and care

This being a companion dog means that it requires constant human contact, it does not do well left on its own for long periods. Generally these dogs do not need to much exercise apart from daily walks. As they are calm an apartment can work well for them. As stated previously they do not swim well so avoid that, also they can overheat easily so beware in hot weather.


The French Bulldog is considered to be one of the most health breed of bull dog. They do suffer from Von Willebrand's disease, as well as thyroid conditions. Due to the compact airway that this breed has, it makes it harder for this breed to regulate temperature. This means that heat can be lethal for these dogs. The Bulldog tends to suffer from a variety of spinal problems, mainly due to the fact that they were bred from dwarf bulldogs.