English Foxhound

english foxhound english foxhound english foxhound

The English Foxhound is a scent hound. As expected by the name they were bred to hunt foxes. There are three other foxhound breeds of dog. This breed was created in the tail end of the 16th century. It was done because deer was running out in England. This meant that nobles had to switch to hunting something else. It was during the reign of Henry VIII that the nobles switched to the fox. Thus the English foxhound was created, from a mixture of Greyhound (speed), fox terrier (hunting) and bulldog (tenacity). When the British Raj was in full ascension Foxhounds where brought in to take part in jackal coursing. Currently this breed is quite rare.


The English Foxhound is 53 cm to 63 cm to the withers. It weighs between 30 kilos and 34 kilos. The skill of this dog is relatively wide, the legs are very muscular.


Is known for being a social and tolerant breed. This dog was originally a pack hound, this means that it tends to get along very well with other dogs, and humans alike. As expected of a working dog it is a very active dogs and loves to be out and about, it can run all day long.

Grooming and care

This breed is very energetic so much get a lot of exercise. They need large areas to run. If these simple rules are not followed then the foxhound is liable to get bored and start to take it out on your property.


This breed tends to live from 10 to 13 years all. This breed is wonderfully free of many typical dog problems. It does sometimes suffer from hip dysplasia, epilepsy and renal disease, but not more so than other dogs.