Elo dog Elo dog Elo breed

The Elo dog is a new breed of dog. The dog has been bred in Germany from 1987. The end goal for the breeding of this dog (which incidentally has a trademarked name) is to produce the ideal family pet. The dog has been bred primarily to get the best sort of behaviour and not for its looks. The dog began its life in the hands of Marita and Heinz Szobries. Originally it is a cross between Bobtails and Eurasiers. Following on from this Chow chow was added as wells as Dalmatian and Samoyeds. The name Elo (originally it was named Eloschaboro) is from the three letters of the main breeds used, Eurasier, Bobtail and Chow chow. Breeding of this dog is only allows as long as the creators of the Elo breed say so.


The breed is between 46 to 60 cm to the withers and weighs between 22 and 35 kg. It has a well plumed tail. The coat comes in two different lengths of long and mediums. It has a dense undercoat, and comes in any colour.


Due to the small population of this breed, inbreeding can be a significant problem. One main issue with this which can occur is inbreeding depression and heightened risk of hereditary diseases. For example they can get Distichia (corneal damage can result from this).