collie dog

The Collie dog is a sociable, intelligent dog. It makes an excellent family pet, as it has a good natured personality, it is loyal and devoted. This type of dog tends to get along with strangers and family alike. However they are sensitive dogs so need significant amounts of attention from owners.

Collies originated from Scotland, they were bred to herd and drive livestock. The breed was a favorite with Queen Victoria in the 1800's.

The collie breed so more famously known for its role in the TV series Lassie. It is a medium sized dog, with a fairly long dense undercoat. The coloring of the coat goes from white, sable or blue merle.

For grooming a Collie requires that its coat be brushed at least once a week. More frequent brushing is required during shedding season. Collies generally live from 12-14 years, and specific health problems with this breed include PRA, thyroid issues, epilepsy, skin irritation and bloat.