brittany dog brittany dog brittany dog

The Brittany dog breed is a gun dog, it has been bred to hunt birds specifically. The Brittany looks similar to a Spaniel. The Brittany was named as it was bred in Brittany (a north western province of France). It was bred in the 19th century. This breed has been depicted in paintings from the 17th century onwards. If you are looking for written proof as to when this dog originated then you should look at a description of a hunt written by Reverend Davies in the 1850. People who breed dogs tend to further split the Brittany into two groups, one is the American Brittany and the French Brittany.


This is a large breed which is athletic but compact. It has long legs. The Brittany has a very expressive face. They way they run could be characterised as free. Normally Brittanys have short tails. As usual for dogs this breeds comes in many different colours, however the normal one are orange and white, or liver and white. The breed tend to weight between 16 to 19 kilos and is 17.5 to 20.5 cm. French Brittanys tend to look more akin to a spaniel, the American Brittany tends to b larger.


As this breed was originally bred as a hunting dog, it has the temperament of hunting dogs. This means it is generally a good natured breed that is easy to train. This means that unlike with other breed there is no need for harsh correction with this breed, and in fact that may be counter productive. These are very active dogs so they need loots of space. Generally these dogs tend to have a reputation as being very boisterous dogs and uncontrollable, but this is probably due to the fact that they are not given enough time out in the open.

Grooming and care

Although this breed does not need harsh training, it does need the right sort of training, as it a shy breed so needs to be socialized so that it feels comfortable amount humans. Due to this type of dog having droopy ears it, the ears need to be checked regularly for infection.


This breed of dog is one of the more healthier breeds. It has an average life span of 13 years. Hip dysplasia is also a concern for this type of dog. So much so that when a group of Brittany dogs where checked it was found that about 15% of them suffered from some sort of dysplasia of the hip. Epilepsy is also something which may affect this breed.