Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie (also known as a Beardie) is a small dog which was used in herding. It originated in Scotland and was used by shepherds. These wonderful dogs where used to herd both cattle and sheep. This makes this very much a working dog. It was bred to be able to survive and thrive in the harsh Scottish winters. Interestingly enough the term 'bouncing beardie' may have originated as these dogs tend to work in thick undergrowth and they would bounce so that they could see their flock.


This breed weighs between 18-27 kg and is 55 cm high. The body of this breed is supposed to be long and lean. The head is quite large for the body and the muzzle is fairly short. Normally the tail of this dog is low unless the dog is excited in which case frantic wagging will ensue. When Bearded collie puppies are born they tend to be of a different colour to what they will look like when they are older.


This dogs makes a very loyal and friendly dog, it does well in families. It should be noted with this breed that good training is a requirement. These dogs have a lot of affection to give, and make a great companion for children as well as adults. Their ideal environment is to be around people. They also love to be active, so a Bearded collie which is left alone and unexercised will not be happy and will act up accordingly. They are highly trainable animals, but it is important that this breed respect its owner as otherwise the Bearded Collie may get over excited. Rules need to be in place and they need to be firm, training needs to be firm and consistent. Although these dogs tend to be quite noisy there lovable nature means that they make poor guard dogs and watch dogs.

Grooming and care

Weekly brushing is highly recommended for this hair suit dog, even better is daily brushing. Before brushing it helps to put a fine layer of mist on the coat. Then mats need to be gently worked out. The coat may also be machine clipped every few months if wanted. . It is generally not recommended that these dogs be housed in an apartment as they really like to be out and about in a yard. They can sleep outdoors and work well on a farm. Hostile conditions are not a problem for this dog due to its durable coat.


The Bearded Collie has a median life expectancy of 12.8 years but of course they can live for longer. This is pretty standard for this size of breed. The leading causes of death for the Collie are old age (26%) and cancer (17%). Common health problems include arthritis and CLR, colitis and diarrhea. It is also interesting to note that this breed has a heightened chance of getting Addison's Disease. Unfortunately this disease is not so easy to identify, generally the symptoms will be lethargy in the dog with frequent digestive problems and low tolerance for any stressful situation. If Addisons's Disease is not treated early it can lead to death, but otherwise if caught early the dog still can enjoy a long life.