Bavarian Mountain Hound

bavarian mountain hound bavarian mountain hound bavarian mountain hound

The Bavarian Mountain Hound is from Germany. It is a medium sized dog and is classed as a scent hound. It originated in the Middle Ages and was bred for the purpose of tracking wounded game. It is a mixture of two other dog breeds the Hanover Hound and the Bavarian Hound.


The Bavarian Mountain Hound has a long head. The dog generally weighs between 20 kg to 25 kg, and males are 47 cm to 52 cm. The coat consists of short thick hairs which have a sheen to them. Generally this hound is found in shades of brindle or fawn with a black mask.


This dog is found to be very much attached to the family of the owner and the owner itself. It is very loyal calm and reserved dog. During a hunt they change and are single minded in their pursuit as would be expected of a breed which is used to tracking down fast small game. It is important that they are well trained to get the best out of this dog.

Grooming and care

It should be noted that the Bavarian Mountain Hound is not suited to cities. It requires a lot of space, so at the very least a large pack needs to be available, also it is only really for professional hunters. Mostly these dogs are owned by game wardens and foresters