Barbet dog Barbet dog Barbet dog

The Barbet dog is a medium breed of dog. It is from France, it is classed as a water dog, water dogs are also categorised with flushing dogs and retrievers. Water dogs are a type of gun dog, they are specifically bred to flush and retrieve water game. This means that strong swimming is an essential ingredient in this type of dog. The Barbet is an uncommon breed. To emphasize just how rare this breed it, in 2007 only 176 dogs have been recorded. This grand dog can be traced through history via a painting. In 1750 the Count George Louis Buffon's book Histoire Naturelle has this breed described. The name Barbet comes from the French word barbe which means beard. Historically this breed also worked as a sailor's assistant.


These breeds tend to be coloured either black, brown or black and white. These dogs vary between 17 kg and 28 kg and a height of 52 to 65 cm. Their coat tends to be curly and woolly.


If one were to describe this breeds personality it would be of a fundamentally smart, mischievous and obedient dog. They pick up things very quickly, the downside to their smarts is that they need constant training to keep them in check. Generally this breed works well with families and kids. The Barbet bonds with the whole family, and don't like to be separated from them.

Grooming and care

As with other dogs of this size they need good exercise. This breed does tend to shed less than average. Its coat is similar to the Poodles but thicker. Ideally the coat should be brushed daily and combed if it is desired that the coat be free of mats.


Barbets tend to live an average of 14 years, one special dog even made it to 19 years old. Generally their health issues are not well described due to the small number of these dogs. To get an idea of how these dogs fair it is wise to look at other breeds of this size.