Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

alapaha blue blood bulldog

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a rare American breed. It originated in the Alapaha River region in Southern Georgia, hence the Alapaha reference in the name. It has a bulldog like look. It has a wide head and droopy ears. The muzzle is covered by the loose upper lips. This breed originates from a three generation breeding of PaPa Buck Lane of Rebecca from Georgia in the USA. It started back in the 1800's and was to save the plantation dog breed from being wiped out. The dog actually originates from one particular dog names Otto. The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog was bred for security and companionship only, though it has ancestors who helped with herding. This breed is classed under Mastiff. Given the nature of this being a breed which may be classed as pit bull like, it could fall under dangerous dogs legislation in certain jurisdiction.


This bulldog has a natural bulldog type. It is a strong breed. Males are between 32 kilos and 41 kilos while females are 27 to 32 kilos, height wise the males stand 31 cm to 61 cm to the withers while females are smaller. In this breed there is no docking or cropping of the tail. This breed can have many different shades. Unusually for a dog breed the male and female dog vary in size dramatically, with the male sometimes being twice the size of the female.


The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog has been noted to be a good guardian of property and family. With the correct socialization from birth this dog can be part of a home environment. These dogs excel at obedience, so training them for the house or to be on a leash should not be difficult. These dogs are happy to fight to the death if necessary to protect their pack, in this case the family. It is vital though that the dog know its place in the household, if it thinks that it is top dog then problems will arise. It is important to make sure these dogs are not left unsupervised with children as they are very strong dogs, who if angered can do serious damage.

Grooming and care

Due to the nature of this breeds coat, minimal grooming is required, it is an average shedder. These are very energetic dogs so need to be well exercised. Ideally they should have a decent sized garden to play in.


This breed tends to live about 12 to 15 years. This breed has a particular issue with entropian (inverted eyelids) as well as cherry eye. It has similar issues that other bulldogs get.