The Aidi dog is also known as the Chien de l'Atlas, Berber, Atlas Mountain Hound and Atlas Sheepdog. It is a Moroccan dog breed which has traditionally been used to guard flocks. In the main this is sheep and goats. It has decent hunting capabilities and can scent well. Often times in Morocco it is put to work in tandem with the Sloughi, this allows one dog to scent the prey and the other to chase it down. Aidis probably originated in the Sahara. The Aidi worked in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Libya and Algeria, a tough environment. The breed shares some traits of the Pariah dog, this would be explained with shared ancestry.


The Aidi breed stands at 53 to 63 cm and weighs about 25 kilos. It has a lean, muscular body, and it has a thick coarse coat with a heavily plumed tail, this allows it to weather its native conditions. The head of this breed shares similarities to a bears head. Coat colours include black, white, pale red and tawny.


The Aidi is a very energetic breed, which is full of life. It is very protective and as such makes for a good watchdog. Although this dog is a powerful one it is important to note that it is a sensitive breed, and as such training should not be brutal but instead should be considered. This breed can make a good pet, even in an urban environment, as long as the dog is given tasks and exercise, such that it is happy.

Grooming and care

Due to the long coat on this dog, grooming is required as otherwise hairs will be all over the house. They do tend to shed in the summer. Being a herding dog originally means that this dog requires a lot of daily activity and space to roam around in, so is probably not suited to apartment life unless extensive runs in the park are part of the daily routine. It should be noted that this breed loves to roam so a tall fence is in order on any back yard as otherwise they are liable to jump the fence.


This is a relatively hardy dog which tends to have a life expectancy of about 12 years.