africanis dog africanis dog

There is not a specific breed by the name of Africanis, rather it is a group of dogs from South Africa. Theses dogs are believed to be from pariah dogs from ancient Africa. It has been suggested they were introduced into the Nile Valley from the Levant. In Swahili the dog name translated back into as 'traditional dog'. It is considered accepted knowledge that canine domestication did not occur in Africa, this means that the dogs in Africa came from the East. Their earliest presence was established in Egypt at about 4700BC.


The Africanis has a short coat. It is medium sized with a good muscle structure. It has a longer than average tail for this size of dog. It generally comes in any color and sometime has a ridgeback. Its a dog which is capable of great speed.


This dog has a good temperament, it is friendly but can get territorial. However this does not stop it being very trainable. This breed is very lively, it runs very quickly, this means that it can work as a great hunter of small animals. They tend to want to be part of the family. Although they are independent they can be trained fairly easily. It is a very expressive dog which shows its emotions on its face. Generally the Africanis is amenable to other dogs. It does have a bit of a nervous disposition, which makes for it being a pretty good watch dog.

Care and grooming

As this dog has short hair, grooming is a brief affair, shedding is also not a big problem. They do need plenty of exercise given their nature.


This breed is quite hardy and less likely to get health issues than average. They don't have any special dietary requirements.