Affenpinscher dog Affenpinscher dog Affenpinscher dog

This is a dog which has a shaggy coat, and has a facial expression which reminds many of a monkey. It is a small dog but it is sturdily built. It tends to be a dog which is very vivacious and loves to joke around. It is a great companion it will generally be weary of strangers and shows no fear when confronted by aggression from dogs or others. Its head is small in comparison to its body, and has a blunt muzzle. Generally this dog tends to walk in a strut. As can probably be surmised by the name the Affenpinscher comes originally from Germany. Its ancestry is traced back to the 17th century and its name comes from its similarity to apes. Affe in German means ape or monkey.

Its coat needs no extra trimming, and generally the texture of the coat is rough and harsh, for grooming it is advisable to do it 2 or 3 times a week. The Affenpinscher ranges from 24 cm to 28 cm in height and weighs between 3 and 4 kilos. This breed comes in various different colors including gray, silver, tan, red, belge (a mixture of white, black and red) and of course black, which is the most common colour of coat.

While the shares similarities to terriers it is in actuality grouped with pinscher-schnauzers. This type of dog tends to get along with other dogs and also other pets. This dog enjoys being part of a family with older children, however it does require consistent training, as they can be quite tricky to house train otherwise. It should be noted that due to their territorial nature with respect to their things (food, toys etc.), it is advised that issues could occur with very small children. Generally this dog is quite but could become hyperactive if attacked. Typical life span for an Affenpinscher is 11 years old. This breed is prone to fractures and respiratory issues in hot weather. The dog is also more likely to get hip dysplasia, as well as getting a collapsed trachea.